13 Sep

Bats and artificial lighting in the UK

The Institute of Lighting Professionals, in partnership with the Bat Conservation Trust, has published new guidance on bats and lighting. This is the latest practical guidance on considering the impact upon bats when designing lighting schemes. This guidance is available on…
07 Sep

Natural England Wildlife Licensing Updates

Wildlife Licence charges The legislation to enable Natural England to charge for licences has been signed by the Minister and is being scrutinised by Parliament. If approved, the legislation will come into force in October. Natural England are working towards…
16 Aug

CQMS Safety Scheme Accreditation

Richard Green Ecology has one again been successful in gaining re-accreditation under the CQMS Safety Scheme. Accreditation ensures companies are assessed in accordance with the SSIP Core Criteria, an industry recognised standard, demonstrating compliance with UK health and safety standards. Our CQMS…
17 Jul

Getting to know Ratty!

Two of our team members, Rory and Sarah, recently attended the Species Recovery Trust’s Water Vole Survey and Ecology course in West Devon. The course provided a great opportunity to study water vole field signs in the wild and learn…

Wildlife Licence Charges
18 May

Wildlife Licence Charges

Natural England has published their consultation response and proposals to charge for wildlife licences on Defra’s behalf. They promise a commitment to improve the service performance for mitigation licences, alongside the implementation of charges. Ecological consultants will have to pay…

Bat Mitigation Research Report
17 May

Bat Mitigation Research Report

CIEEM has published a new report on bat mitigation effectiveness entitled ‘Reviewing the evidence on mitigation strategies for bats in buildings: informing best-practice for policy makers and practitioners’. This study provides evidence for planners, developers and ecological practitioners on the…