Courses & Training

COVID 19 Because of the increase in the R number, we have decided to cancel all remaining courses in 2020. We plan to run our intensive vocational course (made up of individual courses) in April 2021 – see below.

New and exclusive! We are running a two-week intensive vocational training course in spring 2021 aimed at equipping graduate and junior ecologists/wildlife professionals with the knowledge and skills required to secure a job in Ecology or rapidly progress their career. This comprehensive course covers ecology and survey techniques for habitats, bats, badgers, birds, dormice, great crested newts, reptiles and invasive species, data interpretation and report writing. The 10-day course consists of classroom and practical sessions, providing current expert knowledge and practical field experience. We also cover BS 42020 “Biodiversity. Code of practice for planning and development”, biodiversity net gain and offsetting, and provide advice on producing a good CV and career progression.

We are also planning to run additional individual courses but have not yet fixed dates. Please Contact Us if you are interested in attending.

We can also run bespoke training courses for you on specific subjects or areas, such as Ecology and Planning.

Payment for courses is required prior to the event unless a purchase order or other guarantee is provided. Full details are provided in our booking form, on request. Prices are exclusive of VAT, although if you/your employer are not VAT registered we will discount course costs by 16.67% (VAT equivalent).

Forthcoming courses:

CourseLengthKnowledgeCostDateMore Info
Ecology and Survey - Intensive Vocational Training2 weeksBeginner£1,350 if booked by end of December 2020

£1,450 thereafter
19-23 & 26-30 April 2021
Extended Phase I Habitat Survey1 dayBeginner£12019 April 2021
Introduction to Bat Ecology and Survey Techniques1 day plus evening bat activity surveyBeginner£20020 April 2021
Bat Call Analysis using AnalookW, Anabat Insight, Bat Explorer and Kaleidoscope Software Packages1 dayBeginner£16021 April 2021
Introduction to QGIS for Ecological Consultants and Wildlife Surveyors2 daysBeginner£29522-23 April 2021
Reptile Ecology, Survey and Mitigation, including Adder Handling1 dayBeginner£14026 April 2021
Introduction to Schedule 9 Invasive Plant Species 1 eveningBeginner£3026 April 2021 (evening)
Badger Ecology and Survey1 dayBeginner£120

Optional evening badger watch for £20
27 April 2021
Badgers and Development, Licences and Mitigation1 dayIntermediate or beginner if attended Badger ecology and surveying course£14028 April 2021
Combined Badger Ecology and Survey with Development Licences and Mitigation2 daysBeginner to intermediate£250

Optional evening badger watch for £20
27-28 April 2021
Great Crested Newt Ecology and Survey Techniques2 x 1/2 daysBeginner£12028 (pm)-29 (am) April 2021
Hazel Dormouse Ecology and Survey Techniques1 dayBeginner£12029 April 2021
Introduction to Bird Survey Techniques1/2 dayBeginner£5030 April 2021
Otter Ecology and Survey1 dayBeginner£1208 July 2021
Otters and Development, including Mitigation Focusing on Highway Projects1 dayIntermediate or beginner if attended Otter Ecology and Survey course£1509 July 2021
Combined Otter Ecology and Survey with Development and Mitigation2 daysBeginner to intermediate£2508-9 July 2021
Bat roost impacts and mitigation1 dayBeginner to intermediate£150To be confirmed
Bat landscape impacts and mitigation1 dayBeginner to intermediate£150To be confirmed