Beaver Class Licence: CL51

Beaver Management Licence CL51 to modify or remove beaver dams, burrows or lodges

Beavers are excellent ecosystem engineers that provide many environmental benefits, including flood alleviation, improvements in water quality, retention of water in periods of drought and wetland habitat creation. However, their activities can cause damage to property, agriculture and fisheries, and may require management.

Richard Green is registered under Natural England’s CL51 Beaver Class Licence. This allows him to modify or remove beaver dams, burrows or lodges where they are causing serious damage when there is no satisfactory alternative. Preferably, dam removal or modification should be undertaken between 1 September and 28 February (outside of the breeding season), but can be done at other times with Natural England approval via a site registration if warranted.

If you are experiencing issues or have concerns about beavers on your land, please get in touch for an initial consultation and a quote for any work required.

If you would like to know more about beaver ecology, survey and management issues, we run a training course, which can be found on our Training page.

More information on the CL51 licence and its requirements can be found here.