The National Planning Policy Framework seeks to minimise impacts on biodiversity and provide net gains where possible.

Pre-planning stage

As part of the Ecological Impact Assessment process, firstly we will seek ways to avoid adverse impacts. Where this is not possible, we will suggest mitigation to minimise, and compensation measures to remedy such impacts.

Many planning applications involve a commitment on the part of the applicant to provide appropriate ecological mitigation and/or enhancement. This could be as simple as providing bat or bird boxes, or more extensive, such as habitat creation and management. Often this will be required in a separate document, such as a Construction Ecological Management Plan (CEMP); Biodiversity Mitigation Plan (BMP); Ecological Opportunities and Constraints Plan (ECOP); or Ecological Enhancement and Management Strategy (EMES).

Detailed mitigation measures are also required for European protected species licence applications.

We are experienced in producing these documents and designing and undertaking all aspects of ecological mitigation and management. You can view some examples here.

During construction

We are also experienced in the Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) role and provide ecological toolbox talks and watching briefs during work.

Mitigation and Management Plans
Ecological Mitigation and Management Plans


We undertake post-construction monitoring surveys required for planning conditions and protected species licences.

We provide a professional, focused approach and a proven ability to work with other EIA and planning professionals.

We are here to help and provide the best advice, ensuring that your project complies with planning policy and wildlife legislation. Please Contact Us about your project today.

Key Benefits of Service

Mitigation and Management Plans - Reptile Fencing
  • Seek avoidance of adverse ecological impacts
  • Where this is not possible, minimise and remedy adverse ecological impacts
  • Provide clear instructions for contractors to follow on site
  • Provide long-term ecological benefit

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