Planning your 2018 ecological surveys

Happy New Year from everyone at Richard Green Ecology Ltd! A quick reminder to check our ecological survey calendar for 2018. Importantly, only two months remain to conduct bat hibernation surveys if you are planning a development which will affect an underground site or basement. Three months remain to complete wintering bird surveys before they begin their northerly migration to breeding grounds in the spring, a time which coincides with the beginning of the breeding season for UK breeding birds.

April is the beginning of the optimal period for extended phase I habitat surveys, which provide the standard baseline for assessing ecological impacts for many developments. These should be booked early to avoid project delays as protected species surveys may subsequently be required, some of which can only be undertaken at certain times of year. These may also be essential for protected species licensing, if required.

May marks the beginning of the bat emergence/re-entry survey period. If roosting bats have been found on your site, or there is potential for roosting bats, up to three of these surveys may be required over the summer months to determine the nature of a roost before applying for a licence to allow construction or demolition work to take place legally.

Autumn is a transition period between breeding and over-wintering, and surveys at this time can involve completing summer surveys or beginning winter surveys. Winter surveys include hibernation surveys, wintering bird surveys, badger surveys and preliminary ground level roost inspection of trees.

Please contact us if you require any further information.