Dormice active in East Devon
17 Apr

Dormice Active in East Devon

We found our first dormouse of 2018 in a survey tube today in East Devon. This confirms that dormice are beginning to emerge from hibernation nests, which are built at ground level under cover such as leaves. Survey tubes are…

The State of the UK's Bats 2017
09 Mar

The State of the UK’s Bats 2017

JNCC and the Bat Conservation Trust have published ‘The State of the UK’s Bats 2017‘, setting out national bat monitoring programme population trends. Headlines are that the latest trends indicate that populations of the bat species monitored are stable or…

Conservation hedge-laying for dormice
30 Jan

Conservation hedge-laying for dormice

Richard Green Ecology undertook some conservation hedge-laying as part of the mitigation for a Natural England dormouse licence. The traditional rejuvenation method of hedge-laying reduces gaps and stimulates growth from the base of hedgerows. Wildlife, including dormice, benefit from dense hedges…

Seasonal Ecologist Vacancies 2018
09 Jan

Seasonal Ecologist Vacancies 2018

We are seeking enthusiastic and committed candidates for our 2018 Seasonal Ecologist full and part-time positions. Applicants should have an interest in pursuing a career in ecology, good observational and recording skills and should have a full UK driving licence…
08 Jan

Planning your 2018 ecological surveys

Happy New Year from everyone at Richard Green Ecology Ltd! A quick reminder to check our ecological survey calendar for 2018. Importantly, only two months remain to conduct bat hibernation surveys if you are planning a development which will affect…