30 Oct

Natural England Standing Advice Update

Last week Natural England released updated Standing Advice for European Protected Species. Standing Advice was originally introduced to replace some of the individual comments that Natural England provided to local authorities when assessing planning applications that could affect protected species.

03 Oct

Green Alliance Call for Greener Britain in Manifestos

The Green Alliance has published Greener Britain: Practical proposals for party manifestos from the environment and conservation sector. Environmental policy-making has been challenging in the last few years. As a country, we have made significant gains in some important areas,…

15 Jul

Swallow nest site mitigation

Swallows are often found nesting in barns proposed for conversion and as a species of conservation concern, should have alternative nest sites provided if existing sites are to be lost. Swallows prefer to nest in covered areas, as opposed to…

30 Apr

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

The Order makes it an offence to sell, offer or expose for sale, or possess or transport for the purposes of sale, non-native species that are listed in Schedule 9 to the WCA and are specified for the purposes of…