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 Bat Survey South Devon


Ecological Surveys and Monitoring: Bat Survey

Richard Green Ecology are bat specialists, and have highly experienced and licensed bat ecologists able to undertake surveys and licence applications in England and Wales.

All bats and their roost sites are protected under UK and European legislation. Bat roosts can be found in a variety of both natural and man-made structures including buildings, trees, bridges, tunnels, caves and mines.

Bat surveys are commonly requested by planning authorities where development projects are likely to affect built structures or mature trees. A preliminary daytime assessment is typically the first stage in the process to establish the suitability of a site for roosting bats. Where evidence of bats is found or cannot be adequately ruled out then further surveys are required. These more detailed assessments include dusk emergence and dawn return surveys, bat activity surveys, DNA analysis and use of bat detection and recording equipment.

We also undertake bat activity surveys of sites for development, including commercial, residential, road schemes and wind / solar farms.

Bat surveys are seasonally constrained. We would therefore recommend that you contact us at the earliest opportunity in order to plan your surveys and subsequent works to prevent unnecessary costs and delays.

For more information, please refer to our bat survey graphic and  bat survey information sheet.

The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management have also produced guidelines for home owners on what to expect from a bat survey.

Richard Green is  one of a relatively small number of consultants in England who hold a Bat Low Impact Class Licence.

We can therefore offer a more competitive package for bat surveys and licensing where survey findings fall under the criteria for this licence. We can also apply for a licence if another consultant has undertaken surveys but does not hold a BLICL.

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