Ecological Surveys

We offer a comprehensive range of ecological surveys for planning and development.

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Richard Green Ecology are expert in undertaking Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys.

Bat Survey

We are able to undertake bat surveys and licence applications in England and Wales

Dormouse Survey

We undertake dormouse surveys, including nut searches and nest tube/box surveys.

Reptile Survey

We have experienced ecologists able to undertake reptile surveys, including direct observation surveys.

Great Crested Newt Survey

Great crested newts (GCN) are a European Protected Species.

Badger Survey

Badgers live underground in a network of tunnels and chambers called a ‘sett’.

Otter Survey

The European otter is a semi-aquatic mammal and member of the mustelid family…

Water Vole Survey

The water vole is the largest British vole. Their body length is around 20cm plus a tail length of 13cm.

Bird Survey

We undertake all types of bird surveys, including common bird census (CBC), vantage point surveys…