Richard Green is Registered Under the New Natural England Water Vole Class Licence

Natural England Class licence WML-CL31 permits the intentional disturbance of water voles and damage/destruction of water vole burrows by means of ‘displacement’ (to facilitate development activities).

For the purposes of this licence, ‘displacement’ means cutting vegetation back to bare earth followed, where appropriate, by a destructive search of the burrows, where the intention is to displace water voles from their burrows. Water draw-down or removal may be used in parallel with vegetation cutting, where appropriate.

Richard is now one of a relatively small number of consultants in England who holds this licence, having demonstrated a high level of earned recognition in this field.

Richard Green Ecology can therefore assist on development projects potentially affecting water voles, saving time and money by not having to apply for a project specific licence where the Class licence can be used instead.

Please Contact Us for more information or click here to view the class licence and what it permits.