Publication of Interim Guidance Note on ‘Use of Night Vision Aids for Bat Emergence Surveys and Further Comment on Dawn Surveys’ by Bat Conservation Trust, May 2022

The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) has recently published an Interim Guidance Note (IGN) on the Use of Night Vision Aids for Bat Emergence Surveys on their bat survey guidelines page here: Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists: Good Practice Guidelines 3rd edition – Guidance for professionals – Bat Conservation Trust. The IGN aims to provide clarification regarding the role of night vision, infrared and thermal imaging cameras (night vision aids or NVAs) in bat emergence surveys. It also relaxes the current requirement for dawn surveys where the quality of emergence surveys is improved by night vision aids. The note has been produced in lieu of the publication of Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists Good Practice Guidelines 4th edition, now predicted to be later in 2022. It has been prepared by BCT, discussed and agreed with the Statutory Nature Conservation Body mammal specialists and the Technical Review Board for the 4th edition of the survey guidelines have also been given the opportunity to comment.