Bats on the Brink

Bats on the Brink – Two New Grey Long-Eared Bat Roosts Found in the Last Week!

Last week saw a national press release on grey long-eared bats. A four-year study by scientists from the University of Bristol estimated that there were just 1,000 of the bats left – all confined to southern England.

In just the last week, Richard Green Ecology has found two new grey long-eared bat roosts; one by the Exe Estuary and one by the Dart Estuary. Last year we found another grey long-eared bat roost near Sidmouth.

During a survey of barns this week, we had the opportunity to compare grey and brown long-eared bats side by side. The grey long-eared bat has a darker muzzle and wider tragus. Its thumbs are shorter and its fur is obviously grey, as opposed to brown, although there can be variation and one cannot rely on fur colour alone.

The photo below shows the two bats side by side. The grey long-eared bat is on the right.


Bats on the Brink