Courses & Training

We are planning to run the following courses. Please Contact Us if you are interested in attending.

We can also run bespoke training courses for you on specific subjects or areas, such as Ecology and Planning.

Forthcoming courses:

Introduction to QGIS for ecologists2 dayBeginner£265 before 12/01/18 or £295 after27-28 March 2018
Badger ecology and surveying1 dayBeginner£10015 March 2018
Badgers and development, licences and mitigation1 dayIntermediate or beginner if attended Badger ecology and surveying course£14016 March 2018
Combined badger ecology and surveying with development licences and mitigation2 dayBeginner to intermediate£23015-16 March 2018
Great crested newt ecology and surveying2 x 1/2 daysBeginner£10025-26 April 2018
Reptile ecology, survey and handling1 dayBeginner£10027 April 2018
Phase 1 habitat surveying1 dayBeginner£10017 May 2018
Hedgerow survey and species identification1 dayBeginner£10018 May 2018
How to apply for Natural England bat mitigation licence2 days plus a review of an example set for post course work with a view to providing a referenceAdvanced£55024-25 May 2018
Otter ecology and survey1 dayBeginner£10014 June 2018
Otters and development, including mitigation focussing on highway projects1 dayIntermediate or beginner if attended Otter ecology and survey£14015 June 2018
Combined otter ecology and survey with development and mitigation2 dayBeginner to intermediate£23014-15 June 2018
Hazel dormouse ecology and survey techniques1 dayBeginner£10013 September 2018
Hazel dormice and development, including licensing1 dayIntermediate or beginner if attended Hazel dormouse ecology and survey techniques
£14014 September 2018
Combined hazel dormouse ecology and survey with development and licensing2 dayBeginner to intermediate£23013-14 September 2018